Target folder structure problem

I use the “projects” folder http://localhost/projects/admin/index.php for my locale version/target

The main directory on the online target.

Why is the locale folder structure used for the dependent files taken over when uploading with the online Target?

If I save each page in the online target and upload it again, it works with the correct structure.
But then the locale version is affected by the problem.

And then I have to save each page of the local version again.

That’s pretty annoying.
What am I doing wrong?

Thank you for the help!

can someone please help me here!!

I think that it may have something to do with <base href="/"> in the <head> section of your documents.

Try setting the links relative to the Site Root. Or if that is already the case, Document.

Thank you Ben for the tip.
I’ve now changed that to “relative to the site root”

This works in the online target, but not on the local version.

You probably have the web folder set wrongly in the project target settings

That’s how it looks

When I specify and save the folder in Local Folder, it doesn’t take effect.

Does somebody has any idea?