Target disappeared

Hi there,

I am missing one of the targets (which is the only important one for me). It just disappeared with the latest (or previous) update. (Maybe you decided to give us a limited number of targets with an Educational subscription?)
I am not sure which version makes the problem. I didn’t work with Wappler for several days. I just updated it regularly.
As I understood that my subscription allows me to have max three projects, it’s OK, but I have only one project in Wappler’s Open project browser. Another is impossible to open.
In the beginning, there were a few experimental projects which I deleted later, hoping It will release reserved resources. It didn’t, so I decided to go with one main project and to have one for experimenting, but that second one disappeared a few weeks ago, and I can’t import it back.
Do you have there some on/off switch for it? :slight_smile:

It seams that I’ve found the solution. I’ve installed Wappler in new clean Windows. Testing now.