Tailwind CSS Framework

Anyone using Tailwind CSS? Adam Wathan, the creator, is an exceptional designer.

If not Tailwind specifically, has anyone had success using some CSS styles that play well with Bootstrap? I’d like to work within the built-in bootstrap support that Wappler provides, while modernizing the styles some.

Hmmm, looks interesting.

They’re also supposed to be coming out with a toolkit of components, but I believe these will still require the Tailwind CSS framwork. https://www.tailwindui.com/

Well I kinda use a mix of Bootstrap 4 and my own styles… mine is a business admin app, so lots of fields being read and written. My user base will be quite female dominated, so I have designed my own user interface styling which they can customise… so I use the BS4 containers, rows, columns etc but then use all my own styling on inputs, navs etc bringing in all the padding, margins, font sizes and colours. All my colours are variables as I have dark mode and will allow users to create their own colour scheme. I tend to hand edit my own CSS file so I can bring some order to its complexity, add comments that make sense, etc etc.

My scheme allows me to change the styling of hundreds of input elements with a few lines of edits in the CSS files and I need that control and flexibility!

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I would love to see Wappler adopt Tailwind CSS and not only Tailwind, but many others, like Bulma, PureCSS, and others!

Unless supported by the community I see unlikely they integrate any CSS frameworks other than Bootstrap unless they decide to drop it altogether.

On the other side, they already said they will open extensibility of the frontend so the community can extend the feature set. Eventually the community will be able to add other frameworks and make them work from the UI.

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Yeah! thay would be great, if they cannot work on putting up all together the CSS frameworks or similar, give us the ability to extend it on our own, so we can work on them easily.

That’s great!

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