Tagify not auto opening on user click

The last working version that allow this function to show list when clic on select is v4.16.4.
Tagify versions superior to v4.17.0 doesn’t work.

Not sure i understand what the issue you are having is?

Until version v4.16.4 if user clic on text input with tagify properties it show up the list base on Data Source.
After to that version it doesn’t show up the list, only writing and if match with Data Source it start to showing options but not the entire list.

V4.17.0 and later: (wrong)
Nothing happen when clic on text input.
After writing only coincidences show up, but not all list.

V4.16.4 (Ok)
Clic on text input and it show up all list from Data Source:

Well just set the min chars option to 0 …

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Works, perfect!