Tagify input not sending data in form payload when disabled flag is set to false

I have one input field with tagify and disable is set based on condition a like dmx-bind:disabled="!sessions.data[0].hasKey(‘name’)"
When disabled is set to false it’s not sending the data in payload as seen in the Networks tab (Dev tools)
Also, I noticed that it works if the disabled flag is removed, but I need the disabled flag functionality to work for my requirement.

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Any input field that’s disabled won’t send anything to the form action. You might want to use readonly instead of disabled?

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I have the stepper with the different input fields for a different step. So If I used readonly then for all steps the input field will be sent in the form action, but I need to pass only if it’s present for that step. So I have to use disabled attribute.
For all other input fields disabled is working fine, but for tagify input only it’s not working.

can you please check, if I tried to set the disabled value base on the condition its, not working?

Disabled inputs don’t send their values to the server when the form is submitted.

I understand the disable working, but if the disable value is set to false base on the condition then, also for tagify input values are not set to server on submit.
but if I set it directly dmx-bind:disabled=“false” its working, but dmx-bind:disabled=“condition” then the input is pass to server

Also I have noticed that the disabled functionality does not get updated on the dynamic condition which is been set for the field. This occurs only for the tagify field


As seen in the above 2 screenshots, the condition is true but the disable flag remains unchanged.

In reference to https://github.com/yairEO/tagify/commit/492bd08cb34bf89c74ddcaf1a785e60fb92c82b6

is there any workaround or a fix for the issue I raised?