Tagify confuses two objects if one's "text" equal another's "value"

I have a problem with Tagify. I’m currently on Wappler 4.9.1, so I assume the problem has been here for a long time, but I noticed it only recently.

I have an array with two properties: “id” and “game_name”. It is connected to the Tagify input as “value” and “text”.
The thing with this array is that the “game_name” can be not only text, but also the number.

Problem happens, when I choose in the input any object, “id” of which is equal to the “game_name” of one of the other objects. Then this latter object is selected instead of the one I picked.

For example:

id | game_name
1 | awesome game name
2 | 1

When I choose object “1”, the second one is selected instead.

My settings for Tagify:

I managed to work around the problem by adding empty space to the end of the “game_name” in Tagify properties.

Yep, this bug still exists - Tagify cuts text/weird behavior
As a workaround (true engineering one :star_struck:) I’m starting my ID sequence from 100000 in DB so that value would never (I hope) cross with ID.