Table Generator Question

After using the Bootstrap 4 Table Generator – which worked perfectly – I can’t seem to figure out how to merge two table columns to one. See below (please note that I removed the angle brackets):

td dmx-text=“audio_speaker_first_name” /td
td dmx-text=“audio_speaker_last_name” /td

What I would rather as an output is something like:
td dmx-text=“audio_speaker_first_name audio_speaker_last_name” /td

Everything I’ve tried fails.

Any suggestions are appreciated!

Well it is easy to do with the Data Binding picker.

When you pick a field you have actually three choices:


You have used the first one “Field” for single field pickup.

But if you use for example the second one “Expression” then you can pick fields and enter there full blown JavaScript expressions like:
audio_speaker_first_name + ' ' + audio_speaker_last_name

This is more useful for calculations actually and calling the formatters.

But in your case the last option “Template” might be the most useful one:
{{audio_speaker_first_name}} {{audio_speaker_last_name}}

So eventually the code generated will be:
dmx-text=“{{audio_speaker_first_name}} {{audio_speaker_last_name}}"


You brought up something that I really need to look into… the Template. Thanks!