Table Generator options when using Folder List as a data source

When using a folder list as a data source with the Table Generators, should features such sorting and searching work? I realise the data is not coming from a database, but from JSON created by server connect.

If these features should work, I must have overlooked something and I’ll have another go.

I think I’ll assume this isn’t possible (but it would be useful to know if it should be possible).

In the meantime, I have a relatred question. I’ll create a new thread for this.

Sorry for the late reply.

It is perfectly possible to have folder list as data source.

If you need it sortable and filtered just create a data view first, that consumes the folder list data source and then use the data view as source in the table generator


Thanks George. It was no problem using folder list as a data source - it was only sorting etc. which was the problem. I didn’t think of using a data view (which I expect is an under-used but very powerful feature - I should probably use it more).

I’ve been using the file management tools quite a bit recently. They work really well - replacing a lot of fiddly PHP code I used to write.

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Yes indeed Data View is a very powerful feature that allows you to, client side, sort and filter the data before you feed it to the components. You can do amazing things with it.