Table formatting, page breaks etc

So I have a table, the rows range from 3 to 20. Its an invoice. When we have up to 10 items the invoice is formatted clean and nice when page when is printed. When we have more than 10 items, it will continue to a second page which is fine. However, it wont have the header. SO what I am trying to do is this.

Page with Header and footer and in the body the items from the table query. If there are more than 10, would like it to continue to a second page and recreate the header and footer. Possible?

There are various methods for print to get table header and footer on each page, if that is what you want. See:


I think this will do the trick, thank you!

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Yes! Thank you. I had to make a few adjustments but this is what I needed to get me going, thanks again!!!