Table Alias for a tables join

Don’t know if its a bug or I am doing something wrong.

Used Operating System

Windows 10

Steps to reproduce

Trying to create an Alias in a two tables join.

If I dont use an Alias for the join -> ok button works.

If I fill in the Alias name -> ok button does nothing

Thank you

Hi Nikolaos,
I am seeing the same thing. If I add anything in the alias, I am not able to save the join. Also, I am not able to delete any of the prefilled table entries unless I first click to add one.

Just noticed something regarding the alias’. If I add an alias I cannot click ok. But, if I add the alias, click ok and the delete it and click ok again, the dialogue box closes and the alias is appended to the query.

This should be fixed in the latest update.

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Thank you Teodor. I hope you and the team have a great summer break. You’ve earned it!