Website created with Wappler and a template.
Demonstrates how easily and effectively a bootstrap template can be integrated into Wappler.
Once AppConnect is added to the page, Wappler can identify most (if not all) of the template’s elements. From sections, containers to buttons anything…
There was no issue in combining the template’s elements with Wappler tools. Repeaters, paginations, validations, and all that was needed was perfectly added. Dynamic modal and workflows were added through Wappler and were interacting perfectly with all elements being from the template, from Wappler or manually added.

On the overall client was very happy with the result. He got a very easy to update website that fits into his exact needs. He loved the fact that he did not have to worry about updating the same content multiple times from the back end in order to make it display where needed.
Apart from the usual CRUD functionalities, a poll system was created with Wappler. Users vote and once voted they can see the results.

He also loved the functionalities created on this page

where users can search and select how many results per page can see. Although this is something very basic for what Wappler can do, still the way it can be implemented within Wappler (with smooth animations and scrolls) makes it look very elegant.