Syntax to push a value into an array (server connect)

Hello dear Wappler superstars !

Following up on this topic, I managed to initialised an array in server connect and parse it :

Now, I need to fill this array with additional values after it’s been initialised.

What syntax should I use to push a new ‘yellow’ value into this test array ?

Thank you very much for your help ! :slight_smile:

Did you manage to figure this out? It might be related to an issue I’m having too.

For a single dimension array, my workaround is to concat values into a string with a seperator and then use the split function.
For a multi dimensions array, I couldn’t find a solution.

I’m amazed at how complex things are made easier. However mundane one can be a pain in the a**, spending hours trying to find a php one liner equivalent. Anyway the tool is upgraded regularly so I’m still shortening my dev time with each release. Very greatful for that !

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