Syntax support for other server side languages?

Hi. Is there a syntax or language file that can be created/edited by end users to add support for other server side languages please? A bit like Sublime, TextPad, Visual Studio Code and other editors have. I’m not referring to “ServerConnect” support (I know that’s far more difficult to implement), just support for the language syntax in the code editor to stop it from displaying error icons on each line where it currently doesn’t understand what the heck I’m typing! :slight_smile:

If not, could you consider supporting the same syntax/language files used by other editors which would make it a piece of cake to add support for many languages to Wappler.


Well we have those:

Maybe it is enough :slight_smile:

When you edit a source code in code view, you will see the choice. But it is usually auto detected depending on the file extension.

Ah, that’s almost good news! How can I create a syntax file to support CFML please?

Seems we don’t have CFML indeed. Well can’t have it all.
I wonder if it still being used.

Well you can post a separate feature request for it, if there enough people who want it, we can consider it. But I doubt it as the usage is really low.

According to Adobe it’s generating more revenue for them than ever before. The 2018 version was released this year. I’ll add a feature request. Thank you.