Swiper Coverflow Effect

@patrick Is there a place where I can further set parameters for coverflow in swiper component?

In the past before it was in Wappler I could do in my js file like this:

coverflowEffect: {
        rotate: 0, // Slide rotate in degrees
        stretch: 0, // Stretch space between slides (in px)
        depth: 150, // Depth offset in px (slides translate in Z axis)
       modifier: 0.2, // Effect multipler
         slideShadows : true, // Enables slides shadows


At this moment it is not possible with the App Connect component, but we could add those options if there is the need for them.

Ok, no problem. Do not think there will be others that are as specific about how these work.

I will just go back to using the normal slider with a repeat inside and not the App Connect one.


Looked at the css and should be able to also just override the css for 3D transform, size and margins and get the right outcome.