Support for swiper in a repeat element

I have swipers inside a dynamic masonry which gets filtered and uses show/hide. It looks like app connect can’t update the swiper when the masonry state changes (filter/resize/etc) which leads into broken layout.

Please extend app connect to support this case. Thanks in advance.

George, do you think you can take this on the ToDo list? This would help me to created cards in a masonry with integrated swipers (images gallery) and filtering. Currently the layout breaks apart as the swiper is not loading/resizing correctly. Thanks.

I know this might be a special case, but it’s important for one of our bigger upcoming e-commerce projects. So I’d be happy to have this implemented. Thanks in advance.

Any news on this?

We have updated the masonry in our last Wappler update, which should fix some issues with the swiper in it.

Works great now, thanks Patrick!