Support for min max input attribute in App Connect ui


dmx-bind:min, dmx-bind:max do work but please consider adding them into App Connect ui Dynamic Attributes.


You can add standard HTML attributes in the DOM panel - that’s what is it for.
App Connect panel shows the app connect and Bootstrap 4 components and their options/properties only.


@Teodor The feature request is for dynamic binding. Even though these properties are present in the DOM panel, these also can be dynamically bound using dmx-bind directly in code view.
The request is to make it available in the Dynamic Attributes UI, which would hold true for numerous such attributes - id, name, data-target etc - which can be bound but are not present in the dynamic attribute UI.


You get what I mean. Anything that can be dmx-bind should also be supported graphically. Now the feature request is about min max attribute. They’re just normal built in attributes in HTML. I believe this can surely be considered by the dev team if there is a will.


Yes its needed
i don’t want to manually type them in code view every time also.


Usually we do min and max validation with the App Connect Data Validator. It is adding special custom data-rule-min/max attributes.

Maybe @patrick can advice if those can be dynamic as well. If so we can add them to the UI as well.


@George in my case, I use min max attribute in my date input. They work well with App Connect but don’t really work with Validator.

<input name="date_tamat" type="date" required="true" class="form-control" id="date_tamat" dmx-bind:min="!value ? date_mula.value : null" dmx-bind:max="date_mula.value ? date_mula.value.addDays(2).formatDate('yyyy-MM-dd') : null" dmx-bind:disabled="!date_mula.value" data-msg-required="Please fill in the date." data-msg-min="Please confirm minimum date." data-msg-max="Please make sure maximum date is no more than 3 days.">

Good to hear that you will consider this request. Hopefully there will be graphical ui for setting dynamic min max date as well. Cheers.