Support for HTML input type Attribute in App Connect


Please consider adding support for other Attribute Values like datetime-local and color as they don’t appear on App Structure ui.


Same as your other topic:
The DOM panel should be used for that.
App Connect panel is for app connect and Bootstrap 4 components and their properties only.


I know that HTML input type=“datetime-local” is not supported graphically by App Connect that’s why I request this to be featured in the framework. I thought you want to hear user feedback so you can improve your product better. I don’t know why you can’t justify to have input type=“datetime-local” into App Connect. Sounds like rigid to me.


datetime-local is not supported in all browsers (not in firefox at all) so it is not wise to use it.

Just use the App Connect Date Picker for the best cross browser date picking possibility.


Hi George,
This is great for dates but for date and time what do you suggest? We currently employ a custom library for our date and time pickers as the time is important for scheduling. Is there any plan to add a time (combined date and time) picker to Wappler at some point?

I did create a feature request some time ago but haven’t heard anything.

Quoting Teodor:

Any updates for this feature?

Thanks in advance!

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We will be adding also time picking possibilities shortly after we get Wappler 2.0 out :slight_smile:


@George the only reason I prefer to use datetime-local is because I like the date time selection on mobile device, and it does work with chrome, both on desktop and android. It displays local date format automatically too. I only need to format the time on database insert. But I get your point that it is not supported in Desktop Firefox. I can accept it’s a good point for not using it. Hopefully your upgraded version of date time picker will be as good as android version of date time picker, or at least there’ll be option to use default device date time picker on mobile. Cheers.