Support for google maps alternative


as many of you know google maps now have changed the service costs and its not affordable anymore.
we used to be able to make 25,000 request per day for free and now we are limited by 14,000 per month. after that you will be charged a lot of money.

so i hope we see Mapbox for example. it have 50,000 free request per day and you can make your own map layers also its based on OSM


did you try openstreetmap?
they have API too and seems no limits are set:


mapbox use OSM (open street map) with more features with better interface to handle your own map layers


I have not been using to much Wappler but the time will come that I will start really using it and I use a lot of maps at work we changed our drupal and wordpress sites to use open street maps, since google also started to force you to enter your credit card information to use their maps.
So I vote for this integration as well.