Support for CFML

Please can you add syntax support for CFML? Definition files exist for all major code editors if you can convert any for Wappler’s use.

CFML is the language used by Adobe ColdFusion and also Lucee (an open source compatible alternative). CFML is a markup language for server side coding. There is also cfscript which is a script version of CFML, looks like JavaScript and sits inside tags so developers can code in tags or script or mixed.

Adobe released their 2018 edition few months ago and are starting work on the 2020 version. I’m sure if there wasn’t a sufficiently large and lucrative market for it, Adobe wouldn’t still be investing in its development and support. Thanks.

Hello @garyf

Wappler is not only editor . Why are you using cfml because it has low popularity and high cost .(adobe side )

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Because I work on some projects that use it. I know Adobe’s versions are expensive but I don’t personally pay for it. Lucee is free for projects that have no/low budget and is a Java servlet that runs in a container so anyone can use that for nothing and it can also run in cloud services like AWS.
I’m looking for a combined visual designer and code editor that supports cfml. Dreamweaver did this well but became too expensive and bloaty.

@garyf Does CF still exist?

Yes Freddy. Adobe CF 2018 was launched a few months ago and they’re starting on the 2020 version now. Plus there’s an open source CFML compatible alternative called Lucee that are currently developing version 6. It might not be mainstream but there’s still lots of development going on and government and corporate users.

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@garyf and where you see benefits? I mean having an Adobe development environment would be costly for that what it is. What we have now like LAMP/WAMP which still has a wide adoption and its no problem to find a hoster… I guess with CF that could be different…

Ironic: But maybe without CF , Dreamweaver wouldnt exist and also no Wap Waaap Waaaaapler…

I used to be a massive CF fan in the early days (20 years ago! OMG!) but many of the benefits have been eroded by developments and births of other languages over the years. It’s still very quick to code for, rapid development, going from an idea to creating something that properly works, it requires less code than php. java or c# etc. There’s been tons of new features over the years, it’s useful having so much built-in.
I don’t use an IDE but there’s Adobe CFBuilder for those who want one. Dreamweaver did an amazing job becoming an IDE for CF back in the day, it was the daddy! Then they added php and .net support and finally dropped CF, although it still has remnants of CF support.
Hosting CFML applications is very easy although the choice is small compared to LAMP. But it can also be deployed to Google and Amazon cloud services, run in Docker, as a Java servlet and stuff like that so lots of doors are open.

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Is CFML syntax support not on Wappler’s roadmap then? I’m not asking for code hinting, just Wappler’s acceptance of CFML so it doesn’t think the code has errors or creates errors of its own such as when I type <cfelse> it automatically adds </cfelse> which is invalid code. I guess I could continue to use MS VC for coding and only open files in Wappler for design related stuff, but it’s annoying to see errors highlighted and I worry it might try to auto-correct it and break it.

BTW, I’m impressed at how fast the Wappler updates are coming out.

I checked and there is no CFML mode support in CodeMirror (the editor used in Wappler). Also there are currently 0 votes for the request here. If more people would request it and vote here you have a chance that it will be implemented, until then it is very low priority.

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Thanks for the reply, Patrick. I followed this up over at CodeMirror and was told there’s a tool to convert Textmate language files to CodeMirror. I located the cfml language files for Textmate but couldn’t understand how the converter works. Even if it did produce a working file for CodeMirror I would have no idea how to get Wappler to use it.
The links are in this thread here if anyone else looking for cfml support knows how to do this.

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I though CF was all but dead?

It's not a tool to convert Textmate language files to CodeMirror but it allows you to use Textmate gramar and themes directly in CodeMirror. Looks interesting and will have a look at it.

@patrick, Now that Wappler is migrating to the Monaco editor used by MS VC, will it support the VC extensions, and in particular the extensions that add support for other languages? Thanks.


VS Code extensions do not work with the Monaco editor, see the FAQ on their GitHub page (

Thanks for the quick reply. The news about Monaco got my hopes up for a minute.

I thought it was too. I loved it back in the 90's because it was wicked easy and quick to code with. But as others mentioned, when Adobe moved Dreamweaver away from it and hosting became expensive, I moved away from it as well.

I have been watching the Wappler app grow since day one. I have not begun using it for any of my projects because there is no CFML support.

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I’m still waiting for CFML support… in hope. Wappler shows errors for every line of CFML code even though it’s a tag based language like HTML. I could probably add basic support for CFML if there was an example language file suitable for Wappler that I could edit.

I believe the main question is not about whether or not ColdFusion is dead or alive, nor should there be an expectation from the Wappler team to jump on developing code snippets for every script out in the market.

If we can just like the MS VS, the community developers to add any new extension features such as our own code snippets for cfml, we take the responsibility of development and maintaining our own custom extensions or code snippets.

I am new to Wappler and not sure if we can add our own custom extension or code snippets. But, if we can, there won’t be any debate nor any need for voting on popularity of a tech or having code snippets for its respective scripting markup language development. We take on the challenge and extra work.


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Good point Sammy, albeit 2 years later. :grin: I had forgotten about this thread.
It would be super-useful if syntax and formatting definitions could be added/edited by users to expand language support for Wappler - ideally using one of the established file formats already out there.
Personally I’ve not used Wappler for any project that involves server-side code because it can’t handle it if it doesn’t support the language, which is a pity.
Adobe are still developing ColdFusion and they recently released their own VS Code plugin which offers substantial features to integrate the back-end with VS Code. I am still looking for a Dreamweaver replacement that supports CFML. I just use VS Code for now. And probably will forever, which is the likely reality unless Wappler expands code support. (By that I mean to allow the language but not necessarily provide automatic code-writing as it does for PHP.)