Support for API callbacks / webhooks


Hi all,
Do you know if Wappler and the final website can receive API callbacks?



THAT would be awesome!


Do you mean webhooks?

Yes you can already use your server connect actions for that.

The only difference is that instead of posting the data through a form now another service calls them and post the data


Yes, I mean webhooks.

OK, perfect! I will try it.



Hi @George,

I have tried to find something in the Wappler documentation regarding this topic, but I cannot find anything useful.

After sending a request to an API using the Server Connect + API Action, I need to capture and treat the content sent back by the API endpoint (it uses several PUT requests). It is not just a normal HTTP Response from the initial Request.

For what I know, these are called “callbacks”.

If you use the callback URL, then the API can connect to the callback URL and send or receive some data. That means API can connect to you later (after API call).



  1. YOU send data using request to API
  2. API sends data using second request to YOU

Is it possible to process those requests with Wappler?



Any help on this, please?



Just as I indicated in my previous post - you can define the callbacks as your server connect action files.

So in your case - you call the initial API from one server connect action.

And you define another server connect action as to receive the callback.

Just give the full url to the Server Connect Action as callback url. You usually have to specify that on the remote API service.