Supabase still going places

Since my last post about them on October which I quote here:

They have:

Has anyone else given it a ride?


I still can’t seem to understand what it is. Can you briefly explain in English?

The easiest way to put it is: an open source firebase alternative.

Thats what their website says as well.
I have no idea what firbase does except for the one time I used it for Android notifications 5 years ago. :sweat_smile:

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A real-time database, an authentication system, storage and cloud functions. Plus other handy modules like notifications as you mentioned. In other words: a detached full backend. Firebase is an awesome product but it’s very expensive at scale and isn’t “migration” friendly.

Supabase is the FOSS alternative that you can fully self-host. They monetise it by providing cloud service for it. I’ve been following them for quite sometime and they are doing a great job.

At the center of everything is PostgreSQL which makes it highly scalable and easy to migrate if at some point you need to do it.

They are also big OS contributors to other popular repos like PostgREST which they rely on to provide the REST API. And as commented previously they have developed a native PG extension to give PG GraphQL capabilities.

They also integrate with flutter which could come handy at some point.

@George they are currently working on their CLI (available via homebrew and scoop) that could facilitate the integration as server model at some point. Plus the needed SC and AC components. I don’t know how many people use firebase model(I guess not many) but I think Supabase fits better Wappler’s philosophy.


Thank you for taking the time to explain.

How does all the existing complex server actions that we build using own DB & external APIs in Wappler right now, fit into this?
Or would it have to be a fresh new application as completely different server model?

It’s a different server model.

I don’t think Supabase is ready to be integrated with Wappler and maybe it will never be. There is no added value for the regular wappler user that struggles with newer tech.

Supabase would probably be a niche thing in Wappler. That’s the reason I haven’t even bothered to open a feature request for this. But still they are doing an amazing job and delivering consistently new features every month.

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Ok. But is there some workflow you have in mind to use supabase in Wappler, like via api?
Or you are interested in this outside of the Wappler world?

Yeah. They provide API endpoints for all their functionality. Ideally there would be a set of AC components to interact with Supabase API

As we are talking about a detached backend Server Connect would be redundant although it could also be used if needed.

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I don’t know much about the terms you used lol so can you dumb it down for me a little? I was looking at this and it says you can self-host it. Does it simplify back end things like Xano so much so a noob non tech person can keep up with it? Is it easy to use with Wappler? Our db is Postgres and I am starting to use Wappler to build and move our stuff over. If you can’t tell I’m a no-coder low coding lol

I'm afraid not. At least not at the moment.

To be honest I had to look up Superbase, came across this helpful and very informative short introduction:

Looks very promising. Firebase can work out quite expensive, so economically it makes good sense to investigate Superbase further in our minds. Cheers Jon!


Thank you! I’ll check it out :slight_smile: