Summernote Upload Image adds all the steps in reverse order

Wappler version: 3.7.1
OS: MacOS Big Sur
Server model: PHP

I’ve just started using the Summernote features (brilliant) and went through the instructions but had errors. I then spotted that all the actions are created in exactly the reverse order. If I drag them into the right order it all works perfectly.

Screenshot 2021-01-18 at 15.21.09

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I tried to reproduce this, in all possible environments, node, php, windows, mac - but it always work fine to me.

Did you have any other special things to reproduce it?

Are you inserting it in a black new action or as a nested step somewhere? Maybe in conditional?

Hi @George. I think I’ve found the issue. If I insert it on a brand new action file then it does work properly. But I have been adding a Security Restrict first and that seems to cause the reversal when adding the Summernote Upload Image.

All clear now - found the issue!

Will be solved in the next update

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This has been fixed in Wappler 3.7.2

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