Summernote Not Adding Alt Tags in Wappler 3.9.7

Hello there @teodor

I’m using Summernote with Wappler 3.9.7 to create content for email sending.

When I check the spammyness of the emails, I’m losing 0.5/10 for my images not having an ALT tag.

Do you know if ALT tags will be added by Summernote when I get my app upgraded to Wappler version 5?

Many thanks!

Summernote script is not different in the different Wappler versions. If it’s not adding an alt tag in 3.9.X it won’t be adding it also in the latest version of Wappler.
And most probably that’s not supported by Summernote.

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Thanks for letting me know that @teodor… I’ll add an empty one using search and replace before the email goes out then!