SummerNote Add Button


How Can I Add an Button in summernote ?


Did you see this doc? Using Summernote WYSIWYG Editor (scroll down to Customizing Toolbars)

You can see how Wappler changes the code as you change options. Then, follow the guide here to add whatever custom buttons you need if not offered natively: Deep dive

What kind of button are you adding? The standard SummerNote buttons can be added in the properties panel.

I'm going to try again but it didn't work, the summernote icon bar disappeared when I wanted to integrate a button that didn't exist in wappler

I want to add "text" buttons I want the user when he clicks on the button to add an example text [username] once saved in the database I will replace this text with a value

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Oh wow, I didn't know such thing was possible. Wish I could be of more help.

That would be a really good addition to Summernote,
Perhaps worth a feature request, would get my vote

I think you need to add a detailed description in the feature request explaining exactly what is needed, explaining the button will. for example, call up the picker, allow the user to select a dynamic element and add it to summernote so that it is rendered with the dynamic data when the summernote region is displayed. Basically like mailmerge