Subscription due amounts not clear

Currently we have €499.00 subscription. But in order to upgrade to Business pro which is €799.00. It shows €401.00 due payment. But it should be €300.00. How come?

Last month it showed a different due amount

Hi @Devniwm!

When you are upgrading, it looks at the amount of time you have left on your existing subscription. In the screen shot you posted, it looks like you have 397.01 remaining.

Then it looks at what subscription you are upgrading to. In the screen shot you posted it looks like 799.00.

Then it subtracts the two (799.00 - 397.01 = 401.99).

It does this because it gives you credit for any time you have remaining on your existing subscription. As such, the number will always change over time.

But it’s not clear. Ideally it should be 300 right? we only upgrade from today onwards right?
we have to get approvals and everything for this amount. by the time we get approval and ready to make payment. This due amount might change.

Hi Devni,

Indeed we prorate the subscription charge based on the current day and the difference till the billing cycle.

I can understand that this can be problematic when you need a company approval first.

We can keep the billing cycle and charge just the rest. But we have to do it manually.

So let me know when you want to do this and will perform that for you. This will result in something like 238 euro to pay. You can just ask for approval of 799 yearly.

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Hi George,

The issue is that we need approval for the exact amount we’re going to spend using the corporate card, not the annual amount. We’ve already spent $499. So, what amount should we seek approval for if we are going to get pro business.

Usually our finance would take a teams call and make the payment. We don’t have access to corporate card either.

Well if you have to make the upgrade yourself, your with your finance on teams call, you can just use the procedure you started with. So ask for about authorization 450 euro for now and for 799 early (that you will be charged next year) you will see the exact amount on check out.

I’m not very clear. So we made the payment which is 499. and just to upgrade to 799, why isn’t it just 300.
799 - 499 = 300. Which is something our finance team questions. Your subscription types are bit confusing. I went through the documentation and everything, still not transparent enough.

We have multiple approval processes for these payments. and have to justify everything.
approvals take time too.

Because your current subscription started in February, you have already used about 3 months of it.

The new subscription will start directly and you will receive the rest (unused time) of the current subscription as discount on the new subscription. Exactly as your first screenshot explains.

So you are not paying the price difference, but a proration takes place and it is automatically calculated by our payment provider Stripe.

If you update the subscription through the account page it will refund you the unused time of the previous subscription and start a new subscription for a full new period. So in your case you get 397.01 euro back from the previous subscription and have to pay 799.00 euro for the new subscription that results in the 401.99 euro.

As an alternative we can update your subscription and continue the current the current billing cycle. Then the calculation is a bit more difficult, the difference between the 2 subscriptions is 300 euro, but since you already are 3 months into the subscription and the current billing cycle only 9 months remain the amount is less. It will be around 238 euro like George mentioned. This is because you didn’t receive any of pro features in the first 3 months and that is also being subtracted from the 300 euros.

So you have 2 options, get the unused time refunded and start a new subscription period (402 euro) or continue the current subscription period and pay the difference calculated based on the time left (238 euro). In both cases the following invoices will be 799 euro, only the first payment differs due to the compensation with the current subscription.

Does that mean I have to get approval only for 238 euro to get the pro business package?
So we would like to go ahead with the second option which is remaining 9 months period.
So please let us know how to proceed?

@patrick @scott @George

Does that mean I have to get approval only for 238 euro to get the pro business package?
So we would like to go ahead with the second option which is remaining 9 months period.
So please let us know how to proceed?

Please let us know for which exact we should get approval for in order to change the subscription for pro business? is it 238 euro?

We would like to continue the current the current billing cycle

Is it really a problem when the amount that you have to pay is a little bit lower than the amount you ask approval for? Currently the upgrade price is around 232 Euro and that amount gets less the more time goes by.

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It's okay. So How do we make the payment?

If you tell us that it's approved, we will update the subscription and it will be billed to the payment method you've attached to your account. You will need to have a payment method (creditcard) attached to be able to upgrade and also for the yearly recurring payments.

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The issue is our finance team requires to remove the card after yearly payment. they only add the payment method when we do the payment. and add it again after the period.

Usually we have to get on a teams call and do the payment while sharing screen.
How can we go about this? Is there any method to make the payment through a link or something?

If you say it is okay then we can send an invoice instead which you can then pay manually. The mailed invoice will contain a link to the payment page.

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Improve implementation

Hi @patrick , It's approved. Can you send the invoice along with the link to make the payment?

Subscription is upgraded, invoice is sent to your email and otherwise you can check it on the account page.

Noted will do the payment. Thank you for the support