Styling title & description in Slideshow

How can we style the title and description in a Slideshow ?

Use the following CSS selectors:

.dmx-slideshow-title {
color: yellow;
.dmx-slideshow-description {
color: red;

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Thank you for the tip !:+1:

Hi Ben… hope you can help

how to give the “URL” a target…??? im batteling to set the target… im using the slider as a advert tool… so when people click on the slide… it needs to go to a “blank” page… also how can i make the cursor to a little “hand” if the image is linked … im working with dynamic data

<dmx-slideshow id="slideshow1" dmx-bind:slides="" slide-url="'uploads/'+images" slide-link="'url" start-random="true" delay="4000"></dmx-slideshow>

The Slideshow component does not support different target options.

hi Teodor… i want all the URL links to open in a BLANK window… is there anywhere in the dmxSlideshow.js file where i can add something like onclick=“’_blank’;”

or do you have something else that can do this function… eg slideshow… but with links to a BLANK window… or some other solution please.

ok… for now… until you have a solution … i have to revert to owl-carousel…

You can just use the Swiper component, it offers the same functionality as the owl carousel, but it is well integrated in Wappler and you can configure it visually :slight_smile:

Awesome thank you Teodor… did not spot Swiper or even think of it… so thanks for the solution… :slight_smile: always method behind madness here… thanks for the reply and alternative solution.

CSS cursor Property

.pointer {cursor: pointer;}