Stuck in South Africa

No more playing with Wappler. Stuck in S-A for an unknown period of time. Only a phone and a tablet. I miss playing with Wappler.

Hey @web-works, sorry to hear this. What happened there - cancelled flights probably?
Looking at the IP you are logged in from, seems you are quite close to where @psweb lives :slight_smile: Maybe he can lend you a laptop to play with Wapper while you are there :slight_smile:

Shame, thats terrible, where about in SA are you.

Bayala Lodge near Hluhluwe

Yeah, sadly thats about 320kms from where I live, plus being a safari lodge makes it even more difficult, most courier companies would deliver to a nearby post office and the lodge would normally fetch parcels from there.
Sorry WebWorks, if you were closer I would have tried to assist.

@pixlapps, how close are you to there.


Hakuna matata. I will read another book, tease our tourguide and/or have a beer or so. Thanks for the efford


I’m 540 km away here in JHB… Sorry. Hope you can enjoy Sunny SA for a bit more.

Will probably get extracted from Jo’burg next week. Sorry no time for meet and greet I guess. But will be back.

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I think we are all stuck for a while…

Stay safe out there and wash your hands!

Oh dear. We all facing the lockdown here, I am in the Garden Route area and at least the weather is not too bad. Keep safe and take care.

Now in Johannesburg. Flying very early tomorrow. As of monday lots of catching up on Wappler to do