Struggling with Traefik and SSL

Hi all - I've been reading lots in the forums about SSL but I'm getting nowhere and would really appreciate some help.

My set up is as follows:
Main domain ( is a just a few static pages hosted on firebase. This has SSL automatically applied by Firebase so no issues here.

Subdomain ( is the main webapp and is in a separate Wappler project. This is docker/ digitalocean / node. I need to add the SSL here.

I'm trying to follow these instructions ( Using Custom Domains and SSL with Let's Encrypt and Traefik - Docs / Hosting and Cloud Platforms - Wappler Community) but already step 1 (install traefik) doesn't work as services doesn't appear under the server and there's no option to expand it.


The instructions say it should have this option:

Is there something wrong in my setup as to why I can't access the services? I'm running latest Wappler 6.5.4.

Thanks in advance!