Stripe secret key not there

UPDATE: The issue is indeed Composer. I've disabled it and uploaded the million files in dmxConnectLib and it's now working.

So, should I leave it not using Composer? I'm thinking that Composer is much better at only creating files that are actually needed rather than hundreds of files (like for AWS which I'm not using) which are created regardless.


Can we have the Composer option fixed anyway?

Is there any update on this? I would like to switch to Composer but can't until the Stripe issue is fixed.

And I'd like some insight on the difference between Composer and NOT Composer. What are the benefits?

There was indeed a bug in our detection of used modules for composer. So it had nothing to do with the stripe secret key. Stripe was just not detected as used and so not added to the composer.json

You can add it manually like:

"stripe/stripe-php": "8.0.0"

in composer.json under requires.

Or wait for the next update.

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Thanks George.

Can you give me a quick summary of the difference between using and not using Composer? I'm assuming non-Composer will be phased out over time but would love to know the thinking in all this with the advantages and disadvantages to both solutions.



Please check:

As explained there:

By including it in Wappler and enabling it, Composer will manage (install/update) the libraries your project depends on (for example Stripe, AWS, etc.).

So the main benefit is, that it will only include the files for libraries used in your project. For example - if you're not using S3, the thousands of S3 files won't be added in your project, same for Stripe and same for the other libraries.

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Thanks Teodor. That's what I thought but wanted to check.

Will Wappler continue to provide both methods or will you be phasing out the non-composer option?

Eventually we would really like to move to composer only deploy as it makes version control so much easier and controlled.

So yes eventually we would like to phase out non composer deployments. But it will take a while.

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Is it possible this is happening to me too? However I'm on NodeJS, not PHP. My embedded checkout tries to load (look above the console to the right) but times out with the errors you can see if the video.

The last error being:

Error: Timed out waiting for client secret
    at embedded-checkout-in…50b8ed8bbb:8:301301

I don't know if this is the same issue or not but it does sound like it might be. @George will be able to confirm.

Doesn’t seem like the same issue at all. Please post a separate topic with more info, versions and requests details

Thank you @George, I'll post a separate topic.

Fixed in Wappler 6.7.3

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