Stripe Integration Part 5 - Adding shipping Details to your checkout


In Parts 4a and 4b we learned about the basics of sending an order to out checkout and collecting a Stripe Payment.

This module will take this further and add shipping details to the payment process. This tutorial building on the previous tutorials and assumes you are extending the server action specified within that tutorial. IF you have not completed tutorials 4a and 4b then please read them and ensure you understand the techniques and server action developed in it.

The App Connect Form

Firstly we must extend our payment form to include the basic details required for the transaction

Changes to since lesson 4a

We still have our original productid hidden input however the quantity field in now a standard “number” input following the quantity of items to be set.

Adding the Shipping Inputs

I have then added the shipping inputs as below

Naming the inputs

The inputs are named:to correspond as closely as possible to the Stripe API names

Out inputs are

quantity - The quantity of this product
shippingname - This is the name of the recipient, (see note below)
address_line1 - See below
address_country - See below

Important Notes

shippingname is mandatory for the stripe API when adding shipping addresses. Failure to send a value will cause the transaction to fail

address_line1 is also mandatory and is the minimum address details that can be supplied. Goods supplied by digital download for instance could send a value such as “e-delivery” to this, object

ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes

address_country requires an ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code. In production I would recommend implementing this through a select form element returning the 2 digit code. This could also be used to limit the countries suitable for delivery. In this example I will simply use “UK”

I have deliberately not covered form validations via app connect and the DOM panel as I assume any user performing something such as this is familiar with Wappler validation techniques.

Server Connect Modifications

Setting up the post variables

Firstly let us re-import our post variables from the checkout form.

This will create all the necessary POST variables


Changing the API query

Now we need to add the new data to the API query
The objects we need to add are

Name : Value
shipping[name] => $_POST.shippingname
shipping[address][line1] => $_POST.address_line1
shipping[address][line2] => $_POST.address_line2
shipping[address][city] => $_POST.address_city
shipping[address][postal_code] => $_POST.address_zip
shipping[address][state] => $_POST.address_state
shipping[address][country] => $_POST.address_country

So select your API stage within the Server Action


Adding the API query parameters

Click “+” and a dd a new query parameter

and enter the above parameters

Adding the query parameter names


POST values can be selected via the data picker

Adding the query parameter values

Repeat for each query parameter


Saving the API data to a table

This is an optional stage as the data is already stored in the Stripe PAYMENTINTENT object and is inserted into the table for reference primarily.

Database Insert

Select you database update stage and click Insert Options. Remember this is new transaction, we are not adding shipping to an existing transaction so it is an insert, not an update.


Simply add the POST values to the database table fields below. If using the attached table from lesson 4 these fields should already be in your table

Adding you new POST data to the table

Set the new fields to the POST values from your form

Running your new action

Launch your page in your browser

The data is submitted to stripe

Viewing your transaction

Go into your stripe Account and select test data. Click payments
All your payments will be listed

Select you latest transaction and the data is shown in the dashboard

The Database Copy

View your database table in your preferred application so see the data has been added.

Next we will look at linking PAYMENTINTENT transactions with Customers in the CUSTOMER object


Hi Brian,
Do you have any idea why after I added all the new fields in step 5 the credit card, exp date, code, and zip all disappeared?

thank you



Thanks for the tutorial! My setup is a little less complicated but I’m having a problem adding the “shipping” info. I can run my Server Action without the shipping info and the charge is made to Stripe. Now I want to add some extra details to the Stripe information. These details do not come from my form, rather I am getting them during the Server Action from my database and then adding passing the values to the API Action. When I run just one of the shipping values: shipping[name] I get an error back from Stripe:

{“error”:{“code”:“parameter_missing”,“doc_url”:“",“message”:"Missing required param: shipping[address].”,“param”:“shipping[address]”,“type”:“invalid_request_error”}}

I’ve also tried to update the, with similar errors. What am I missing here? I’ve followed Parts 3a and 4b fairly closely of your tutorial. Could use some help.


The tutorials are quite old now and a lot has changed with stripe since i made them but them message suggests that there some sort of parameter mismatch, please check against the API documentation in case it has changed

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Thanks for the info. I moved on and was able to get the newer API working.