Stripe integration - in South Africa?

Hi guys.

Stripe integration - in South Africa?

Now that the Wappler Team has done an amazing job with Stripe… its seems to be the way to go… but … in africa… we can say… eish…

Is this supported here… is there a work around … is it worth it?
Or would you rather stick to PayGate or MyGate… or any other suggestions.

Thanks in advance Paul @psweb and Marcel @pixlapps

Hi @Mozzi

Unfortunately we are still waiting for it in SA. Actually went to look yesterday since I want to do integration in future. I am going to hopefully build a site for someone in the UK. So use stripe you need to register a business in the country that bhas support for it(or at least that is what I understand)

Been using Payfast with Wappler myself and integration is super easy with their API. Documentation in also clear and easy to follow. Just a form with hidden fields containing the values that need to post to their API. Create a page that receive the values back from Payfast and update your db with server actions accordingly.

Let me know if you need more help then we can have a call or private email.

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Thanks Marcel …

Thank you so much for you feedback on this aspect… now its just to figure our if I need to use PayFast or PayGate… but you seem pretty sure that payfast has done the trick for you…

As they say why re-invent the wheel… … thanks for the heads up

I have done at least 3 payfast integrations - setting up an account with them is fairly easy - I usally ask the client to do that if it is work for a client. Then gisve you access to the api keys, username, secret etc.

They have a closed testing environment and test values so you can test without having money actually be deducted from your card. Once you are sure all works, you just replace test values with your own/the client’s and away you go.

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Great… ill get this going then with PayFast

Sent you a PM with some example code

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I agree with Marcel, for what it’s worth, I have used Stripe many times as well as PayPal for international clients, but local in South Africa, does not seem to have support, and as I am sure you both know, for South Africa, well thats no big surprise.
For local I use PayFast, although I have only done one so far, and kind of fumbled through it a bit, but I recall it being very simple to setup.

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thanks for the reply guys… @psweb and @pixlapps … all those international clients… seems you making the big bucks then… guess ill have to come work for you guys then… :slight_smile:

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