Stripe Embedded Checkout Errors

Don't want to call it a bug in case it's something I'm doing wrong since this is the first time using the Stripe Elements. I'm using the latest version of Wappler and NodeJS.

My embedded checkout tries to load (look above the console to the right in the below video) but times out with the errors you can see in the video.

The last error is:
Error: Timed out waiting for client secret
at embedded-checkout-in…50b8ed8bbb:8:301301

I followed Teodor's tutorial Using Stripe Embedded Checkout

Here are my settings for the checkout session:

And for the frond end check out page embedded checkout element:

My back end web hooks and Stripe API calls have been working like a champ, but haven't been able to get the checkout to load.

Thanks in advance!


Could you check in the network tab of devtools the request to the server, it seems that the server action did perhaps have an error.

Yep it appears there's some errors in the checkout. Several things load on that page and I must have missed one. You can't put a customer number and an email it appears. Also, my price object needs to be the id instead of the literal price. Sorry, about that, figured it was something I was doing wrong haha.

So all working fine now?

Not yet, but there were errors and trying to get rid of those.

Working now! Thanks @patrick and @George love this community and it's developers.