Strange FTP issue

i have a website FTP setup and i am looking at the Target files on the FTP. However, when i connect i don’t see all of the folders?

If you look at the first image, its the FTP and under the Library folder, you will see only 3 sub-folders.

Now here is the same FTP connection using DreamWeaver and if you notice you see all of the folders under Library, including the Components folder which is what i need to download on Wappler.

any reason this is occuring?

If you right click the folder above and then choose show hidden? Just a guess.

thanks for the reply. I did try the Show Hidden and it still doesn’t show that folder.

So you are using asp classic? I too have seen issues where ftp won’t show all of the files. Typical example is where I will have a folder like /orders or something that gets created with automatic id so that it ends up like /orders/45/ etc. And it won’t always show me the correct data there when I look at the remote site through wappler ftp. I normally don’t trust the wappler ftp remote access view. If I have any doubt about files actually being there I will use another tool. I’ve thought about adding a bug report but just hadn’t ever gotten around to it as I have had a workaround.

And Technically asp classic is supposed to be deprecated at some point. So I have been looking at how I can migrate my sites to another platform, probably

Just my 2 cents.