Storing complex data for multi-step forms

I am currently working on a multi-step form that contains nested data. From what I’ve found on this forum, it seems using Data-Store as a storage for the form data is the way to go. However, according to this reply, it seems there is no support for complex data structures.

Is there a better solution for this other than creating a new Data Store for each object/array in my database and retroactively linking them through an id or something?
Is there a way to edit a singular data entry client-side only and sending the API request at a later time? I have also tried copying data from the API Data Source to Local Storage but I haven’t found a way to edit singular entries in the Local Storage.

You might have a look at using sub tables with a form repeat - Inserting Data in Main and Sub Table using App Connect Form Repeat

That is a recently added feature that often makes the process much easier in retrieval, display and storage.

You actually can use data stores for complex objects but the UI picked does not support, however you can manually type this into the action in code view.

Start with form repeat and sub tables though, it is much much easier.

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Thank you for your reply and your suggestion. :slight_smile: If I use Form Repeat, how would I send the data to my backend via POST request? I’ve tried using form1.formrepeat1, form1.formrepeat1.items and in my API Action Input Data as a value but the payload ends up with either [object Object] or undefined, which doesn’t seem correct.

I’m also not sure either way whether I can substitute my data with Form Repeat in all my use cases due to how the finished site is supposed to look and work. How would I go about assembling complex data in code view? For example, my object contains a list of objects that have the properties name, description, and alt_description.