Stop weekly updates and focus on major releases?

Please could it be considered to stop weekly updates and focus on major releases? It seems that every week new bugs and issues are being introduced, as well as features, only for old bugs and issues to be forgotten about as the pace moves too quickly. I’ve no idea what it is like for Patrick waiting for an influx of new bugs every Thursday evening but for us it has become an anxious time when deciding to update to the latest release! Yes we have the great feature of selecting a Channel for Beta and Stable but would rather have an entirely stable environment from the offset to be honest about it, and would be happy to wait every three months to have that peace of mind!

i personally disagree.
From me building my own apps, shipping more often and smaller updates makes finding bugs easier to understand and pick it up earlier. Where as larger updates, so much more area for issues and compounding issues. I imagine would be similar for wappler
Just curious why not just not upgrade?

Not against the stable channel that doesnt get updated often

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