Stop Scheduler From Firing on Local

I use the scheduler extensively, its great:

Almost all of my scheduled tasks run in the early hours when the server is quietest, however, I've recently added a couple that fire during the day and what I've found is I have Wappler open in dev environment and the scheduler is triggered on my local as well as remote, resulting in a double action being carried out.

I think the solution will be to use the '$_ENV' variable but I'm not sure how, can anyone pitch in with a solution please?

Hi Tom,

You can add a condition in the Scheduler based on the $_ENV variable. The setup will look like this:

  1. Add an ENV variable under Globals, say PROJECT_USAGE
  2. Under Server Connect Settings -> Environment, add a value for the env var PROJECT_USAGE. It can be defined as local for local project, dev for the development / staging project etc and will need to be defined for each target.
  3. Add a condition in the scheduler to check the PROJECT_USAGE and execute the scheduler accordingly.

Please note that if a condition has been added in the scheduler, then you will need to disable it to test in a specific environment.


Maybe it is a good idea to introduce an extra option in the settings of the schedule actions (next to the schedule time) to choose on which target type to execute. So like always/development/production @patrick


That’s an excellent idea, it’d be way simpler having a native selectable option for this.

In node, i think at present there is a system defined environment variable, $_ENV.NODE_ENV which returns development or production which can be used as a condition i.e.

$_ENV.NODE_ENV == 'development' or $_ENV.NODE_ENV == 'production'

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Do you want to disable a single scheduled task or disable the scheduler completely?

You can disable the scheduler in the Server Connect Settings, the settings are stored per target.




I had no idea at all the server connect settings were target dependent.!

This is great, it means I can switch off the scheduler for my local copy and only have it running on the server - This is great.!

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