Still no page restrict makes Wappler useless for me

With all the bugs, missing features and no page restrict, Wappler is useless to me. No page restrict is the biggest as I can’t do any of my add, delete or update forms wth live data.

Probably won’t see too many more bug reports from me.

Maybe in a month or so I will give Wappler another try. Very disappointing. I have these projects I need to do that I was holding off for Wappler. I can’t wait anymore. Have to go back to DW and Bootstrap 3.


Brad, which are these missing features?
The bugs you reported are already fixed in v 1.0.1 and security enforcer is coming in the next update.
It is really hard to understand what exactly is wrong as one day you like the product and the next day you are hating it…
This doesn’t really help to fix your issues. Security enforcer, as already explained will be added. Most of our users do not even need it. We prioritized the requests for features and security enforcer was not one of the most requested features.
Many options ( including it) are coming in the next weekly updates - this is not the end of the world and it is not the most important feature in Wappler!
You could use the conditional region options, so that no content is rendered on the page, if the use is not logged in.

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