Step by step documentation for mobile app


Hi, Is there any documentation for step by step mobile application development with wappler, i found only basic step that even not very clear enough…


You can check here the docs:

a lot of step by step are included


What about dynamic features?


Hi George, I have created a mobile app project using kitchensink template and added ios to the project, then i just tried to run the app on Emulator/simulator for ios, choosen from the list, but it failed and asking plist file, could you please help… have a look at the screenshot. thanks


What is your OS ? …


I have mac OS High Seirra


@thines please check this documentations


It didn’t help me out. i followed this and made an app but could not run it…


How to add database/data to mobile app (I already have a website built in Wappler and other platform). Your instructions will be appreciated.



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Thanks, will try that …


My Boxes are showing in blank…see attach



Please download the latest Wappler - preferably the new Wappler 2.0 beta 3