Static User DB Login for small admin panel

I’m not getting it. I worked with Security Providers with DB (Sqlite / MySQL) and that works. But for a small admin Panel I dont want to setup a whole Table/Permission/Query as that temp admin panel is only needed 2-3 weeks.

Now I have a login.php and admindashboard.php and on both I need to place security provider right? And then comes the strange thing: Do I need a security provider with logindata+password for login.php and admindashboard.php ??? Would mean I would have that static logindata completely twice ??

So i would have a security provider with admin logins for each Page?? I thought that would be a file which would be linked. Or do I make a mistake??? So for now if a userlogin changes, I would change that on all security providers, as each uses its own “variant” of userlogins…

You create your security provider than you can apply that security to any page in app connect. Don’t secure login.php or nobody can access it!
Once created you can save the security provider as a linked file

The logic is the same as with database security provider.
It’s just the login type is different (not coming from a DB).
Apply the security as on the rest of your pages.

You mean this one?

I use that only on restricted pages, not on login. Maybe you mean smth. different??

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Exactly! Only on protected page. The login page doesn’t need this.

Ok i try that page here:

But whats the difference between security provider enforcer on right side panel and this one? :slight_smile:

Strange, I’m mixing up smth. On dashboard I get error in browser:

dmxConnect.php","line":115,"message":"Option \"permissions\" is required!",

Of course I need to add permissions, but is that the Security Provider on left panel or on right panel :smile: … ???

In server connect panel you define the security settings for the whole site. I.e. define the source for usernames, passwords, permissions.
With the security enforcer you restrict access to the pages using the defined users, passwords.

Ok will try that. But to be logic:

I do a server action for:



Now comes the point: As I’m having a logout I need to define again username / password

And then I have logindata TWICE…

You should not define them again… just use the “folder” icon to select the security provider you already defined.

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hehe i guess thats the magic thing… :slight_smile:


Ok great that works! Thanx so much :sweat_smile:

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