State.executing not working on Server Connect Form

Wappler: 2.1
Windows 10 Pro 1809

on a Server Connect Form (form type: GET), state.executing should work in given scenario:

inside a modal:
<div class="collapse text-center" id="collapse1" is="dmx-bs4-collapse" show="true">
  <form is="dmx-serverconnect-form" id="serverconnectform1" action="dmxConnect/api/NewApplication/clientLogin.aspx">
    <button type="submit" class="btn px-5 mt-3 btn-primary" dmx-on:click="alertLogin.hide()"
      <span class="spinner-border spinner-border-sm" role="status" dmx-show="state.executing"></span>

however, it does not work, the button doesn’t get disabled nor does the spinner shows up.

have also tried using this: modal1.collapse1.serverconnectform1.state.executing - but this doesn’t work either.

FYI, just to test, i tried a POST form, it worked on POST but doesn’t work on GET.

please help.

Hello @nshkrsh
For server connect forms you need to use method POST.

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out of curiosity - what would be the use of GET option then?

Get variables are used for server actions which are not run through a form.
For example - when you filter your data using an url parameter, or using a text input etc.

When using a form to submit data, you always use post method, as the form inputs are imported under POST variables.

there is a GET option in Server Connect Form


@nshkrsh that’s a standard form attribute … it is not related to server connect.

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