SSL using AWS Load Balancer

Good afternoon all,

@Dave , @Apple mentioned you might have some ideas on this.

I was wondering if anyone here has had experience launching their site via Docker Engine AWS, and then associating an SSL through A VPC / Application Load Balancer?

I have created a VPC, then the proper route, as well as both an internet Gateway and a NAT gateway. I have updated the subnets and created a security group that defined the HTTP and HTTPS. The DNS on domain is configured for the IP address.

The EC2 server is instanced behind the load balancer and the SSL has been associated.

The Http site can be reached but HTTPS is not accessible.

thanks for any help!

Maybe @Antony might know something about this as well

Thank buddy, I got a response back from @ Cheese who works with dave. I think I have this worked out. I will know if a few hours.

Do you know of any other platforms that I should focus on. I am really starting to see the limitations of Wappler especially when using CSS grid.

I really want to simplify my CSS pages