SSI issue

Hi, I added some server side includes Navbar, footer and Contact section. Everything work fine in Wappler view but after uploaded on live sever the Contact section does not show at all.

Her ewe can see “Section_ Contact” showing in Wappler.

But not on the live site:
it should show right before the footer.

Any idea what is wrong?

P.S.: Yes I did upload everything to the server (includes and all)

Are you sure the SSI path is right? <!--#include file="includes/section_contact.php" -->

I notice your site is uploaded in a subfolder, but is your local site developed in the same structure i.e. in a subfolder?

Yes Teodor, I am temporarily using a sub-folder and everything is set accordingly. In fact all other SSI (Navbar and footer) are showing fine so section_contact should also show…

It’s a mystery

How do your other SSI includes code look like?

The navbar.php file:

The footer.php file:

I mean on the main page, how does their include code look like, inside Wappler (not rendered in the browser).

Also - i see you are working with php files, why not using php includes instead?

In wappler code view

(upload://qLl16y5wquPD89BFeE2iFa9DhW8.png) ![section_contact|690x35]

I use the “Move to include file” feature as explained in the include tutorial
So according to the tutorial here:

Am I confusing with something else?

Well for the header you are using a PHP include… use the same for the contact section instead of SSI file include :slight_smile:
Obviously your server doesn’t have support for SSI file includes enabled.

Yes indeed, but i think the problem came from when I realized that for some strange reason I lost the Section_contact while working on the page. So in order to bring back that section, I did as the tutorial say when you want to add a include file: You choose where you want to include it, then click "Add component/server side include/choose the file to include.
But it did not work as I was expecting.

Maybe I don’t understand very well the include system as I am new to this.

Just use PHP INCLUDE option, not the SSI FILE one.

Ho the property panel!! OK it work now! As you see I am new with Wappler and I have to get used to how things works, and what does what and where is what lol

Thank you very much Teoder for you patience with me and understanding

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You can take a look at the discussion here: SSI File vs PHP Includes to get an idea about the differences between SSI File includes and PHP includes. These are not really Wappler specific options :slight_smile: they’ve been around for many years.

Good suggestion! thank you again :slight_smile:

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