SQLlite on mobile and web project (Wappler Beta 4.0.3 and 3.9.7 )

sqlite mobile application cannot be loaded or used in projects and can also be added to web projects, but database schema cannot be displayed.

Wappler Version : Wappler 4.0.3 Beta and Wappler 3.9.7
Operating System : windows 10
Server Model: Php Spa and Mobile App
Database Type: SQL lite
Hosting Type: local and remote

Expected behavior

Web or mobile projects should be easily added to SQL Lite and the database schema should be visible in the database manager and queries should be made.

Actual behavior

It cannot be defined in sqlite database manager. You can try this with wallpaper beta 4.0.3 and wappler 3.9.7.

How to reproduce

You can try adding sql lite database from the field where database definitions are made.

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Is there a temporary solution for this problem? @George @Teodor

I’m sorry but it is not really clear to me what SQLite access can’t be loaded.

The SQLite access we offered like editing in the database manager and working with SQLite with server connect works all fine.

Maybe you are trying something else?

Hi Serhat

This is not a mistake. Wappler does not yet support Sqlite in mobile apps.

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on Web Project Steps



step 3

connection ok but I cant see database schema …

example SQLlite db
chinook_2.zip (298.4 KB)

*On *Mobile Project Steps **

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

After the connection was successful, I clicked the SAVE button to save it, but it cannot be used in the mobile app in any way.

As you can see , it does not appear in the database manager .

In this case, it was a waste of time for me to display the non-working features in the wappler. I thought it had already been added by now.:slight_smile:

hello @Mr.Rubi Yes, you are right, I also remember that shape, but I thought it was added until now. because a lot of time has passed.

Well this is a bummer. I was just starting on a new desktop app and ran into the same issue. After using the Database Manager to create a sqlite db, it does not show under the database connections. :frowning: