Sqlite connection problem "Connection String is Required"

I would like to implement a project with php/Sqlite for the first time. But fail at a simple query.

What am I doing wrong?

Many thanks for your help

I don’t think in the server action you are using the same database connection defined in the database manager. they point to different files/locations. And the one in server connect connection on your screenshot points to a probably not-existing file, from what i see on the screenshots.

The steps are - first create a database connection in the database manager. Create your sqlite file there, add data to it.
Then open the server connect panel and you can see the same connection under globals. Use it for your database query.

I believe that’s exactly what I did. I don’t see the error.

This is what I did:

What is the content of the following file on your site root: dmxConnect/modules/Connections/db.php

the file content looks correct.
Maybe @patrick can check what could be wrong here.

Does anyone have an idea what could be the reason?

But another question:
Our project is quite large with more than 600 pages, does it make sense to use Sqlite or should I stick with Mysql?

No, i don’t know why is this happening for you, works fine in my local tests.

It’s always better to use mysql for your projects. SQLite is more limited and usually used for local development database.

Ok, thank you for the information.

When I use mysql it works.

So this must have something to do with the sqlite it hadn’t worked.