SQL Server Query not returning results

Running a query against the local database returns no results. From what I can tell it appears the db gets no request.
What could be stopping the request from reaching the db?

Can you expand the output to see the exact content returned?

Also did you toggle the output option on the query? But not the debug option - as when debug is on no results are returned but just the query

Yes the output is on, the debug is off, thanks.
Here is a screenshot showing the page and also the response tab:

I load the page, open the developer tools, then refresh a few times while watching the SQL profiler and nothing seems to be making it through to the sql server

In contrast, running the same query (from my Visual Studio app) appears in the Sql Profiler like this:

I can see the SELECT statement coming through, and the results after it.

For completeness, here is the Wappler query on the same table-nothing tricky here:

If it helps, here is the IIS server log–the request from Wappler is there and response code is 200…it looks ok:

What is the query you are running in Wappler’s database query builder?

Can you try to add just an “Set value” action step and give it a name and an value with output on, to see if you action is running at all as I have a suspicion that aspx pages just don’t run at all.

The query is:
SELECT * FROM “dbo.Inboice.FunctionCodes”

I did a Set Value and nothing was shown in the browser:

And still no output? If that is the case your server isn’t running asp.net files. So you should check that.

So check the asp.net is installed correctly and running. See

Everything seems to be working.
Is there a set of guidelines as to where to create a Wappler app under IIS?
I’m out of ideas for now.