SQL Server Graph Database Features

Was wondering is there a way to use or add our own queries to use SQL Server 2016-2017's graph database features?

For example from that page the insert command for the graph would look like:

INSERT INTO FishSpecies (CommonName, ScientificName) VALUES
('Atlantic halibut', 'Hippoglossus hippoglossus'),
('Chinook salmon', 'Oncorhynchus tshawytscha'),
('European seabass', 'Morone (Decentrarchus) labrax'),
('Gizzard shad', 'Dorosoma cepedianum'),
('Japanese striped knife jaw', 'Oplegnathus faciatus'),
('Northern pike', 'Esox lucius'),
('Pacific herring', 'Clupea pallasi'),
('Rainbow trout', 'Oncorhynchus mykiss'),
('Sole (Dover)', 'Solea solea'),
('White bass', 'Morone chrysops');

Thanks for any help guys :slight_smile:

SQL Graph Databases are indeed a very interesting new development in the database world and are getting more and more support in all the major databases.

With Wappler’s Database Connector your can already do the basic database Inserts and updates. Those use regular SQL that is also used in the Graph databases.

For queries, we do not yet support to extended Graph query syntax, but you can easily get around this by creating first a view in SQL Server having the right graph query and then just use the view as table in Wappler.

So this way you can already enjoy the power of Graph Databases in Wappler as well.

Thank you, I’ll look into doing that :slight_smile: