Spreadsheet-like tool as database for both mobile apps and a Wordpress site

Hi everybody,

So I’m new to this, but I’ve tried some no code stuff, and I’m hooked.
I’m in the process of evaluating the faisability of no code for a elearning project, and I was hoping you guys could provide some answers to the interrogations that I have.

What I want to achieve

  • I want to populate a wordpress site together with iOS and Android apps from the same database.
  • This is an elearning project for my work as an instructor. This is for content like definitions, questions & answers, videos, and various activities around several different topics.

This is for a WP site that’s already getting traffic, mainly from Google.
I’m 100% sure I’d mess urls and SEO if I were to replace WP with Wappler altogether, hence my way of thinking.

My needs

  • I’m basically the no in no code, so I need something that’s easy. For the database, I’m thinking of something like Google Sheets, Airtable or stuff like that.

  • I need both WP and the apps to update each time I add something to the spreadsheet.

  • On WP and the apps, there will be freely accessible content, and an area reserved to registered students, providing content that’s contextual to the students (their class, their major, etc.)

  • No vendor lock-in, or at least enough peace of mind in that area. I feel lucky to have learned about Wappler before going all-in in another tool.

  • Performance. I’ve read some tools lack in that area.

  • As easy to make and use as possible, within reason.

What I’ve tried (quickly)

  • Adalo, Appsheet and Appgyver.

  • As for WP, I’m pretty sure you can automatically update content on WP when Google Sheets is updated. Google Sheets would be connected to WP custom fields (with ACF).

  • I’ve learned that Airtable API isn’t available open right now. I also know that some services allow easy API creation from Google Sheets. (But I don’t know if those actually work.)

My questions (finally)

  1. Is this actually achievable in Wappler ?

  2. Can this provide a reasonably fast experience for app users, keeping in mind we might have 5000-10000 students, 2000 definitions, 10000 Q&A across 100 or so categories over time ? (plus many images and videos, but I’m guessing these can be hosted somewhere)

  3. What kind of spreadsheet too would you recommend, if any ? Any comments about the whole spreadsheet endeavour and its implications please ?

Hope long post is ok.

Thanks !

WP already uses a database. Keeping that in mind, Wappler can be used to create Apps that can manipulate that database.

Faster than WP itself

Not sure where the spreadsheet would play a role. The database is already part of WP

Having said the above, I think that it is best to stay with one environment, meaning that you must choose between WP or a bespoke site. A hybrid site is very difficult to create and maintain.

If I were in your position, I would ditch WP and re-create the site using Wappler.

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Agree with @ben!
(I m a no coder too)

Doesn t matter if you have 10 or 1000 definitions.

You will set one line of table that will be repeated for every record.

You also speak about spreadsheet: it is needed a spreadsheet or maybe a table would be ok?

Thanks for your replies @ben and @updates

I understand what you are proposing is the main, logical approach.

But I believe it makes sense in my case :

=> I’ll mess url’s and seo if I ditch WP entirely, unless there is an easy way to A/rewrite urls in Wappler and B/ 301 redirect the older WP urls to the new ones, all from a GUI ?? (htaccess is scary)

=> The table approach is attractive to me because it’s easy : I just have to update a Google Sheets, or something similar, and both Wordpress and native apps are updated, unless I’m missing something ?
Once the sheet and wordpress are connected, what’s to maintain, besides the usual plugin stuff ?

I mean, I’m ready to learn db if it’s needed to accomplish what I’m after.
But if the table approach can be made to work and tick all the boxes, I’d rather go this route.

I admit I don’t know the difference between the two. Anything with easy to fill rows and columns ?

With Wappler, there is no need to learn DB, Wappler does it for you.

You can create a more bespoke approach within the App

I was referring to a hybrid system.

Easy, create 404/410 and 500 pages.

You know what, you might have me contemplating the 100% wappler stack here.

You can be sure I’ll easily create 404 pages.
Kidding asides, I’m sure you’re offering a solution, but I’m afraid I’m not picking it up.
Could you please point me in the direction of how this fixes my 301 redirects/seo issues and what should be done to achieve it ?

Ok I’ll bite.
I’ve tried Wappler more since the we started discussing.
I think I see how I don’t need to learn DB.

But I have another question.
Let’s say I use MariaDB, how do I add the records ? With a form as shown below ?

Link here

I’ll be adding records to the database manually anyway, so are there drawbacks to adding my records in Airtable, which can then send data to MariaDB ? As I understood from that.


You can add manually OR… transfer directly from sortable to MySQL/MariaSQL.

I don t know Airtable but I moved lot of data from a DB to another (in different servers too) using simple Server Connect Scripts.

You can access Airtable through API I suppose should something on the community…