Special prices to change from the "Basic" version to "Pro" and who have bought lots of dmxzone extensions for Dreamweaver

Is there no special price to change from the “Basic” version to “Pro”?
I have contributed to the launch of Wappler.

Nor is there any special price for those who have bought lots of dmxzone extensions for Dreamweaver?


I agree, I have been on a full subscription for over 4 years. Whilst this product is good, I can’t fully commit to swapping over from dreamweaver yet and as a business owner I don’t have the time to play around with it to learn it at the moment.
I do think DMX should remember the people who have invested with them loyalty for years, personally I think they should package this into the yearly subscriptions to allow people to play with the full version. We are after all paying for all extensions anyway.


I agree. I’ve spent lots of money for purchasing dreamweaver’s extensions. So now I can’t throw them away.


me too ,I agree. I’ve spent lots of money for purchasing dreamweaver’s extensions. So now I can’t throw them away.


Agreed, Wappler is principally an amalgamation of existing DMX extensions tied into a new interface. Some credt for previous spending on extensions should be allowed.

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Hi guys,

forgot to mention it in this topic as well - but with the last Wappler 1.0.1 - we offer full plans upgrading!

So just click on the profile icon in the bottom right corner in Wappler and choose “Upgrade subscription” and then you can choose to which new one you want to upgrade. A special prorate price is being calculated so your current remaining time is exactly calculated and you will be paying only the difference.

We use Stripe for all payment processing and they happily have automatic plan switching option, so it was pretty easy to implement - they do all the calculation of prorating.

As for DMXzone users - we will definitely be offering discounts for our loyal users, but it takes some time to connect to the different payment systems. So that causes the delay. Sorry for that.

It should be counted the purchased Dreamweaver extensions, and if it is only for the first year. I have spent this and last year many euros and now again 399 €.

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Is there any progress on this? I'm interested in Wappler, but still waiting for this special offer...

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I spent over $700 USD on DMXZONE extensions last year. I am interested in Wappler but I have an investment in Dreamweaver. I think your product is worth the money if I had not already purchased a portion of the technology. I am a college instructor and currently use Dreamweaver in the classroom. This could become Wappler once I learn to use it. Please make me want to switch.

Thank you,
Al Thomas

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Have you heard anything on this? I would like to buy this product but I still have 7 months left on my subscription.


No George said it will take some time to make it work with al the payment providers.

We are in the same situation as you with a subscription to extensions, however we took the plunge yesterday and have have to give Wappler credit, I did twice the amount of work in one day that I would normally do with dream weaver.
It works well on the laptop also with space on the screen, unlike dreamweaver.
There are a few things still missing I would like to see ASAP, such as responsive notify.
Seriously it’s worth taking the plunge and grabbing it as well, give you chance to learn wappler which is a lot easier than dreamweaver.

Hey George, we have been a loyal member now for nearly 6 years on a full package.
I purchased wappler yesterday (at full price) I have to say I’m pretty impressed, responsive notify would be a real good addition to wappler sooner rather than later.
It would be good next year If DMX remember the loyal support we have given you guys over the year when it comes to our pricing.
You support has always been good, however I do find nowadays that you get to chat with support only once in a day and then you get the we are not available notification which can be very frustrating especially with time differences and you need the help there and then to carry on a project.

But I can say for other members it’s worth taking the plunge, it’s so much quicker than DW and easier to debug as well.

Have a great day :grinning:

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Thanks Peter - we appreciate your support! It took more than an year of hard work to make Wappler happening, so its nice to see the great result and that our efforts are appreciated!

Responsive notify will be available also in the next updates, so stay tuned.

any idea on a timeline for that ? Working on a project now in wappler

Wappler is a couple of months old now George. On several times you wrote about a discount for people who bought already a lot of DMX extensions for DW.
I wonder now if you will ever offer this?
Like to hear from you!

Yes true, we were a bit too busy in updating Wappler weekly and also had to extend our sales system to support it.

But the good news is that it is coming up next week!

Next to also offering monthly subscriptions, loyal DMXzone users will receive great discounts. And if you already purchase Wappler it’s not a problem as you will be able to cache in your discount on the next term.

Personal discount codes and rewarded discount % will be visible on your dmxzone profile when we implement it next week


That indeed is good news! Much appreciated!