Source Formatting to Code

Is it possible to get an ‘Apply Source Formatting’ option like in DW? The code that gets generated is indented all over the place in no logical structure and hard to read.

I was just looking for this, hope it gets added

Strangely, it was available at one point - with a shortcut key combination (Shift+Tab I think). If it was this shortcut, it’s now reassigned to outdent the selected text (unnecessarily as there’s another shortcut for this). Perhaps it’s still there, just not accessible - or accessible with a different, unknown shortcut key combination.

That’s already available, via right click and select format document, or using the shortcut Shift+Alt+F:


Auto code formatting on save is also available:

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The keyboard shortcut doesn't seem to work on my Mac?

That’s strange - it works for me. So far, I’ve found the same shortcuts work on Mac or Windows. I haven’t upgraded to Catalina yet in case that makes a difference.

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