Hi team,

I know there have been quite a few requests over time for a Kanban type functionality.

I just came across this:

Which is a demo Bootstrap5 Dashboard, that has a Kanban functionality, looking deeper into the docs:

They use a JS library, instead of JQuery called Sortable:

Website here:
Github here:

I’m no JS guy, but I do know that JS is better than JQuery - and so perhaps this library + the new Bootstrap 5 integration - perhaps this might become a sooner/easier implementation for Wappler native?

I’m currently using Bootstrap 4, so I’d hope this would be compatible with BS4, too - but if not - this would push me to convert to BS5 right away.

What would be important is the ability to add actions/dynamic events and conditions based on moving between stages in the Kanban.

Hopefully this helps - I know there are a lot of us here that would like the Kanban function!

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I’m not quite clear what the request is - is it for a new component to enable sorting via dragging, or is it specifically in connection with creating a Kanban board? I imagine it’s the former, in which case, as you mention, there have been a number of requests for this - so I’m not clear how your request is different to requests such as this one or this one. Perhaps all these requests should be merged.

As recently as last week, @George mentioned the possibiliy of developing such a component, possibly using the library you mention, so I’m optimistic. I think it would be a great feature - for Kanban boards and all sorts of other features.

That’s perhaps a little unfair to jQuery and its creator. jQuery was a great solution to a problem which is now much less of a problem, so it’s become less relevant.

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Looks pretty clear to me. I clarify below, too with the kind of Wappler on:event type functionality.

Re: your comment about the creator of JQuery - wow, how self serving. I really don’t think he cares about what I say, and let’s be honest - every new technology exists to replace, improve or change the way we do things - we don’t need to reference the forefathers of each one each time we make a comment.

Wappler team, I’m going to move this into General if I can as I must have missed a feature request guideline somewhere - otherwise if I can’t, feel free to merge/delete this if it’s not useful - this is purely here to point towards your latest BS5 implementation and how this library may make this often requested feature available sooner - if you had not seen this before.

Of course not. I assumed making the statement ‘JS is better than JQuery’ - as if a simple fact - was perhaps due to a misconception. I think you may have taken my comment in the wrong way.

Not to me. I still don’t know if you’re requesting functionality specifically in relation to Kanban or a more general request for the integration of SortableJS (which as you point out, doesn’t require jQuery, which, I agree with you, is a good thing).

Moved the topic to feature requests. I also like the sortablejs library and also agree one of the best thing to happen to Bootstrap in v5 was getting rid of jquery :slight_smile:

Great - a nice clear title. But the request is very similar to the two I mentioned, which each have a good number of votes:
Draggable / Sortable Elements (31)
Sortable Component in Wappler (12)

Merging them might reflect the interest more accurately.

Merged the two other topics, so there are no duplicate requests.
I also moved this to Wappler general again as we already have the request:

So please vote there for this request.


Zero misconception, nor did I take your comment in the wrong way. I just see your comment as entirely unnecessary. JQuery is being replaced, because JS is better - and by better, this can mean many things, including now capably doing what JQuery was invented for, as you articulate your self.

The title literally said BS5 + Sortable = Kanban, I then articulated the on:events for how Wappler would interact with the Kanban when moved between columns, as well as how the integration of this library PLUS BS5 might make Kanban implementation easier.

Can’t help yourself I guess? This actually isn’t reflective of the request but always appreciate Teodor’s involvement, and thoughts, and moderation!

Teodor, hopefully this is helpful - but I can see you are across sortable.js anyway! I have no issues with a merge if this moves this higher up the priorities list, as I know (and selfishly) I could really use a solution like this!!

Thanks Teo!

I think anybody who didn’t know the facts would inevitably assume from reading your comments that jQuery came first, and is now being replaced by Javascript - but of course Javascript came first. I expect you know this (but it’s possible your comments were due to a misconception).

Anyway, I agree with you that it would be great if SortableJS were integrated into Wappler. I also agree with you, and Teo, that it’s a good thing that jQuery is no longer in Bootstrap, as of v5.

Actually jquery is a javascript library - so javascript is used to build it :slight_smile: It’s just not quite useful nowadays, especially adding the whole library for a simple animation effect.
Vanilla javascript is much better - as you don’t need any bloated library included on the page.

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Indeed. However, jQuery was much more relevant when it was released, 10 years after Javascript - hence its massive popularity. A simple animation effect wasn’t so simple in those days, when browser compatibility was a major issue. jQuery was a great solution at the time.

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